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Airlines are the entities that own the planes that use your airport. By signing a contract with an airline, you are agreeing to service their planes by facilitating:

  • Deboarding;
  • Baggage unloading;
  • Refueling (if requested);
  • Maintenance (if requested) (Not implemented in Alpha);
  • Cleaning (if requested) (Not implemented in Alpha);
  • Catering (if requested) (Not implemented in Alpha);
  • Baggage loading (if requested);
  • Boarding;
  • Push-back (requested for all medium planes).

This process is outlined as in the signed airline contract.

Contracts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Contracts

Airlines need signed contracts before they will conduct business with you. As your airport's reputation grows, you will have access to bigger and more lucrative contracts. Once a contract is signed you will receive the agreed commission per passenger that boards or deplanes at your airport as per the signed airline contract. They can also dictate of which services they would like to take advantage and in turn pay your airport for said services as below.

Services[edit | edit source]

Planes that have landed will be able to make use of whatever services your airport offers, such as refueling, cleaning, and storage as per the signed airline contract. You will receive payment for the use of such services as agreed in the signed airline contract.

Commercial Airlines[edit | edit source]

Airline Name CEO Name Fleet Logo Flight Prefix
Air Strada Bjorn Willemen BAe-146, CRJ-700, A320, Boeing 737-600 AirStrada.png AS
Allure (in Experimental) Patrick ten Den CRJ-200, ATR-42 Allure.png AL
Atom Air Costa Paes A320, Boeing 757-200 AtomAir.png AA
CLM Howard Hughes Cessna 208, ATR-72, ATR-42, CRJ-700, BAe-146 CLM.png CL
Crown Airlines B. M. Lehmann A320, Boeing 757-200 Crown.png CA
Fly Penguin Mervin Clement A320, CRJ-200 FlyPenguin.png FP
Forrest Air Fern Jhonson A320, Cessna 208, Boeing 737-800 ForrestAir.png FA
Goose Wings Kaan Ozturk A320, Cessna 208 Goose.png GW
Havana Vulcan Fox A320, CRJ-700 Havana.png HV
Maple Shaun Ellithorpe DHC6, Cessna 208, CRJ-700, ATR-72, Boeing 737-600, BAe-146, Boeing 737-800, ATR-42, A320 Maple.png MP
Nordic Amelia Earhart Boeing 737-600, BAe-146, A320 Nordic.png NO
OK Air Matthew Fair A320, Boeing 757-200 OKair.png OK
Olympus Organization Jan Voors A320, Boeing 757-200 Olympus.png OO
SkyFly Airlines Quinten Ampe A320, CRJ-700 SkyFly.png SF
SkyLink Reece Jones DHC6, Cessna 208, CRJ-700, Boeing 737-600, BAe-146, Boeing 737-800, A320 SkyLink.png SL
Stripe Air Brandon McMillan DHC6, Cessna 208, CRJ-700, ATR-72, ATR-42, A320 StripeAir.png SA
Swiftly Jamie Davies CRJ-700, ATR-72, Boeing 737-600, Boeing 737-800, A320 Swiftly.png SA
Trinity Aviation Mervin Clement A320, CRJ-200 TrinityAviation.png TA
Tulip Airlines Elmar Westra BAe-146, ATR-72, ATR-42 Tulip.png TU
Wildcat Air Pauline de Wind A320, CRJ-200 Wildcat.png WC
Zoom Gerald McKinley A320, CRJ-700 Zoom.png ZM