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Shopping is an activity in which passengers can partake. Their doing so reduces their overall satisfaction and shopping need. Shops must be procured before contracts can be signed allowing for the materialisation of shops.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Shopping takes place in rooms specifically marked as shops. Said rooms are generally located in both secure and insecure zones (before and after security clearance). Special care should be taken to allow easy access to the franchised shops by franchise staff to avoid periods of closure (of the shop, indicated by said shop being darkened).

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

To enable franchised shops, the appropriate procurement must first be completed through the Procurement Menu.

To build a shop, complete the following in the correct order.

  1. Mark a room and/or area as a shop zone.
  2. View the available shop contracts and their stipulations.
  3. After deciding which contract you wish to sign, do not sign it but instead build a shop that either meets or exceeds the stipulations of said contract. Stipulations include room area/sizing, amount of shelves (sizes of shelves are not regarded) and cashier counters.
  4. Sign a contract through the room object panel.

Note: Contracts will not be offered to your airport or be limited in number if your airport does not have adequate reputation.

Operations and Staff[edit | edit source]

Staff belonging to the franchised shop will arrive as per the agreed shop contract, to operate Point of Sale (PoS) terminals at cashier counters. They do not take breaks but when finishing their shifts they exit the airport as new franchise staff enter the airport to take their place. Travel time from the airport's entrance to the franchised shop may allow for periods of closure (of the shop, indicated by said shop being darkened) which is why it is imperative to ensure that shops are easily accessible by franchise staff to quickly resume business during a change of shift.

Generating Revenue[edit | edit source]

Profits are made by the airport when the tenant:

  • Pays their agreed rent as per the signed shop contract (determined per unit of space per hour, as included in the signed shop contract. As a result, larger shops will generate more revenue.);
  • Pays their agreed commission per sale as stipulated in the signed shop contract;
  • Pays their agreed bonus if their stipulated sales target is met or exceeded.

Penalties can be incurred by the airport when the tenant:

  • Does not meet or exceed their stipulated sales target.

The above means that special care and stratagem should be used in order to maximize the sales of each shop to insure the meeting or exceeding of it's stipulated sales goal as per the signed shop contract.

Note: Shopping facilities make passengers happier and as a result of that, they spend more money (happy passengers are more likely to spend money) while passengers who wish to shop but are not offered the opportunity to do so's overall satisfaction will become lower of that if adequate shopping facilities were provided.