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Planes (also referred to as "Airplanes" and "Aeroplanes") belong to Airlines and use your airport if a contract is signed with their associated airline. When a plane lands at it's scheduled time, it proceeds to it's assigned gate to commence it's scheduled activities and rituals. Planes can experience delays due to weather, wind and other factors.

Gate Activities - Commercial[edit | edit source]

When a plane reaches its assigned gate, it commences its scheduled gate activities which are:

  • Deplaning;
  • Offloading (cargo);
  • Refuelling (if requested);
  • Deicing (if requested);
  • Servicing (if requested);
  • Storage (if requested);
  • Catering (if requested);
  • Loading (cargo);
  • Boarding; and
  • Pushback

If a plane completes any of the request-able activities as agreed in the signed airline contract, your airport shall be paid the agreed price as per the signed airline contract.

Delays[edit | edit source]

Planes may be delayed landing due to inclement weather, wind or other factors. Planes may be delayed taking-off if their scheduled gate activities take longer than scheduled. This means that planes landing to use it's occupying gate will have to be delayed and in some cases (such as a severe delay), cancelled.

Models and Types[edit | edit source]

Planes are of 2 types:

  • General Aviation (private planes); and
  • Commercial Flights;

and are of many models as listed below.

Plane Model Image Stand Type Capacity Runway Requirement
Cessna 182 Cessna182.png Small 2-4 Minimum
Boeing 737-600 B7376.png Medium 80-150 800m
Boeing 737-800 B7378.png Medium 100-180 800m
CRJ-700 CRJ-700.png Medium 40-70 800m
BAe-146 Bae146.png Medium 50-100 800m
ATR-42 Medium 40-60 800m
ATR-72 ATR72.png Medium 40-80 800m
Cessna 208 Cessna 208.png Small 5-15 Minimum
DHC6 DHC6.png Small 10-20 Minimum
Medium 50-120 800m
Boeing 757-200
Medium 70-150 800m
CRJ-200 CRJ-200.jpg Medium 18-36 800m
Beechcraft 1900D
Small Minimum
Embraer E170
Embraer E190

Bombardier Q400