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A demo of operations.
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The Operations panel provides various views of what is going on in your airport.

Overview[edit | edit source]

From here you can enable and disable various services that your airport provides. The following controls can be changed here:

Airport Control Control Action
Airport Open Opens or closes the airport to the public.
Close all Secuity Stops all security checkpoints from accepting new passengers.
Close all Runways Stops all Runways from accepting new arrivals or sending off departures.
Airport Settings Control Action
Tarmac Lights ON Determines the time that the tarmac lights will turn on at night.
Tarmac Lights OFF Determines the time that the tarmac lights will turn off in the morning.
Always Accept GA When enabled, General Aviation flights will automatically be accepted into the airport, provided there is an extra available gate. When disabled, GA flights will have to be accepted manually.
Baggage System Control Control Action
Baggage Handling System When enabled, passenger baggage will go through check-in desks and baggage bays for departures, and baggage will go through baggage bays and baggage claim for arrivals.

When disabled, passengers will carry their baggage on them.

Turnaround Service Control Control Action
Ramp Agent Service Round Enables Ramp Agents to complete service rounds if the aircraft requests the service.
Avgas100L Refueling Enables aircraft to be refueled with Avgas100L fuel if the aircraft requests the service.
JetA1 Refueling Enables aircraft to be refueled with JetA1 fuel if the aircraft requests the service.
Aircraft Catering Currently a planned feature.
Aircraft Cleaning Currently a planned feature.
De-Icing Handling System Currently a planned feature.

Job Tasks[edit | edit source]

This menu shows all currently created job tasks for all staff members. Filters to isolate job tasks include status of the task and the type of task. For e.g. it is possible to see that an Object Maintenance tasks has been created and claimed by a certain Service Technician but it is delayed due to heavy workload.

Incidents[edit | edit source]

This tab is a planned feature and will later show reports of any incidents that have ocurred or are currently occouring at the airport.

Construction[edit | edit source]

This is where you can manage contractor deployment, provided you have already signed a contract with a construction company.