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Commercial flights are flights that transport passengers to and from your airport. Unlike General Aviation flights, these flights will cause passengers to appear in your terminal.

How to operate commercial flights[edit | edit source]

In order to operate Commercial flights, the player must first accept Contracts offered by airlines. The player must then ensure that their aircraft stand has a connection towards the terminal, whether its a remote stand or an attached stand. The connection to the aircraft stand must be in a secure zone, and the terminal must have a Check-In desk for passengers to check into their flight, a Security Checkpoint to allow access from non-secure zones to secure zones, Boarding Desk for passengers to board the planes, and a Secure Zone Exit for deboarding passengers to leave the terminal. The player must also ensure that these facilities are operated by the staff of the airport.

Commercial Aircrafts comes in both Small Aircrafts and Medium Aircrafts. Large Aircrafts have yet to exist as of the writing of this article. To see which airlines offer which aircraft, the player can visit Airlines to check. Small Aircrafts require a small aircraft stand to operate from, whereas Medium Aircrafts require a medium aircraft stand to operate from.

Revenue[edit | edit source]

Airlines of Commercial flights pay the player a certain amount of money, unlike General Aviation flights where planes pay a certain amount of money per unit time. The amount of money paid per commercial flight varies depending on the services offered by the airport. The amount of money earned directly from completing the flight is shown in the Flight Planner screen. The commercial flights are rated through the airline class, which classifies flights based on the number of stars. The number of stars a flight is dependent on the services offered by the airport. For example, a three-star flight requires a medium security checkpoint and a baggage service, and all requirements preceding the three-star requirement. As of writing, the highest star rating is 3 stars. The revenue earned through a flight will always be higher than the value stated in the Flight Planner, as money can be earned through other means, such as boarding/deboarding passengers ($15 per passenger default) and paying for fuel. Because of this, higher capacity aircraft can earn more money than lower capacity aircrafts.

Aircrafts Operated[edit | edit source]

Commercial Flights do offer several air[crafts

Small Aircrafts[edit | edit source]

  1. DHC-6
  2. Cessna 208
  3. Beechcraft 1900D

Medium Aircrafts[edit | edit source]

  1. ATR42
  2. ATR72
  3. CRJ-200
  4. CRJ-700
  5. BAe-146
  6. Boeing 737-600
  7. Boeing 737-800
  8. Boeing 757-200
  9. A320